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If your bone is broken in your foot or leg and you underwent a procedure on your knee or lower leg, or suffer a stroke, Orthopaedic hospitals in Vijayawada will recommend you to use a walking aid while you are healing or recovering after the Knee Replacement Surgery in Vijayawada or orthopedician in vijayawada. Use of Crutches, a cane, or a walker could help keep your weight off your injured or weak leg, assist with balance and you to perform your daily activities more safely. Contact now Dr. Bezavada PapaRao is best orthopedic surgeon in vijayawada

While first learning to use the walking aid, it may seem to be difficult but with just a few tips and a little bit of practice, you will be able to quickly gain confidence and learn how to use a walking aid safely.


You may have to use crutches if your injury or surgery needs you to get around without putting any weight on your leg or foot.

Proper Positioning

  1. The top of your crutches should be about 1-2 inches below your armpits while you are standing up straight.
  2. With the top of your hip line, the handgrips of the crutches should be even.
  3. When you hold the hand grips, your elbows should be slightly bent.
  4. Your weight should rest on your hands, not on the underarm in order to avoid damage to the nerves and blood vessels in your armpit.


If you are elderly person having minor problems with balance or stability, weakness in your leg or trunk, an injury, or a pain, a cane can be helpful. A cane may help you to walk more easily and comfortably and in some cases it may be easier to continue living independently.

Proper Positioning

  1. The top of your cane should reach to the crease in your wrist while standing up straight.
  2. When holding your crane, your elbow should be slightly bent.
  3. Hold the cane in the hand opposite the side that requires the support. For example, Hold the cane in your left hand if your right leg is injured.

Arthroscopy and Walkers

Dr. PapaRao Bezavada is the best orthopedic doctors in vijayawada who is well known for performing arthroscopy.

Knee arthroscopy is a procedure that allows knee joint replacement surgeons in vijayawada to see the knee joint without making a large incision (cut) through the skin and other soft tissues. Arthroscopy is one of the best surgery where Best arthroscopic surgeon in Vijayawada diagnose and treat a wide range of knee problems.

During knee arthroscopy, your knee repair surgeons in vijayawada inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope, into your knee joint. The camera displays pictures on a video monitor, and your surgeon uses these images to guide miniature surgical instruments.

If you have any significant problem or had total knee replacement surgery by knee repair doctors in Vijayawada then you need more help with balance and walking than you can get with crutches or a cane. A pickup walker with four legs will provide you the most stability and support. As you take steps, a walker lets you keep all or some of your weight off of your lower body. You use your arms to support some of your body weight by using a walker. You may gradually be able to carry more weight in your legs as your strength and endurance get better.


  1. The top of your walker should reach to the crease in your wrist when standing up straight.
  2. When you hold the handgrips of the walker, your elbows should be slightly bent.
  3. Don't hunch over the walker, keep your back straight.
  4. Check and make sure that the rubber tips on your walker's legs are in good shape. You can purchase new tips at a drug store or medical supply store if they become old or uneven.

This is how we can use the Crutches, Canes and Walkers depending on the conditions and the problems you are having in your knees, foot or entire legs but make sure that you consult your orthopaedic surgeon in vijayawada.