Knee Replacement surgery

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure to resurface a knee damaged by arthritis. It is also called as Arthroplasty. Metal and plastic parts are used to cap the ends of the bones which form the knee joint, along with the kneecap. Dr.Bezavada Paparao is the Best orthopedic doctor in Vijayawada who performs the surgeries for the people having severe arthritis.

The Different types of arthritis that can affect the knee joint includes.

  1. Osteoarthritis: It is a degenerative joint disease that influences mostly middle-aged and older adults, may cause the breakdown of joint cartilage and adjacent bone in the knees.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis: It is disease which causes inflammation of the synovial membrane and results in excessive synovial fluid, can lead to pain and stiffness.
  3. Traumatic arthritis:It is caused due to injury, may cause damage to the cartilage of the knee.

The goal of knee replacement surgery is to resurface the parts of the knee joint by knee replacement surgeon in Vijayawada that have been damaged and to relieve knee pain that cannot be controlled by other treatments.

After the procedure

In the hospital

After the Knee replacement surgery in Vijayawada you will be taken to the recovery room for observation. Once your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing becomes stable and you are alert, you will be taken to your hospital room. Knee replacement surgery done by best knee replacement surgeon in Vijayawada usually needs an in-hospital stay of several days.

It is necessary to begin moving the new joint after surgery done at Knee Replacement Surgery hospital in Vijayawada. A physical therapist will meet you soon after your surgery and schedule an exercise program for you. A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine may be used to start the physical therapy. This machine moves your new knee joint through its range of motion while you are resting in bed. You will be on medication so that Your pain will be controlled and participate in the exercise. You will be given an exercise plan by your doctor to follow both in the hospital and after discharge.

You will be discharged to home or to a rehabilitation center. In either case, your Orthopaedic Surgeons in Vijayawada will arrange for continuation of physical therapy until you regain muscle strength and good range of motion.

At home

Once you are home, it becomes necessary to keep the surgical area clean and dry. Your Best orthopedic doctor in Vijayawada will give you specific bathing instructions. During a follow-up office visit, the stitches or surgical staples will be removed.

You may be asked by your surgeon of Knee Replacement Surgery hospital in Vijayawada to elevate your leg or apply ice to the knee to help in reducing the swelling. Take a pain reliever for soreness as recommended by your orthopaedicians in Vijayawada. Aspirin or certain other pain medications may increase the chance of bleeding. Be sure to take only recommended medications.

Notify your doctor to report any of the following:

  1. Fever
  2. Redness, swelling, bleeding, or other drainage from the incision site
  3. Increased pain around the incision site

How long do you stay in the hospital after knee replacement surgery?

The average hospital stay after Knee replacement in Vijayawada is usually three to five days. The vast majority of people who undergo knee joint replacement surgery by knee replacement doctors in Vijayawada have dramatic improvement. This improvement is most notable one month or more after surgery.

How long will it take to recover from knee surgery?

You should be able to stop using your crutches or walking frame and resume normal leisure activities six weeks after surgery. However, it may take up to three months for pain and swelling to settle down. It can take up to a year for any leg swelling to disappear.