Neck and Shoulder Pain doctor in Vijayawada

Shoulder Replacement is required when the shoulder joint is damaged beyond repair. There are two main reasons for this damage – one is severe fracture, breaking the ball of the shoulder into several pieces, and the other is damage as a result of arthritis. Shoulder is a ball and socket joint. In cases of damage to the ball alone, replacing only the ball may be sufficient (hemi-arthroplasty). In cases where both, the ball and the socket are damaged, both may need to be replaced. There are cases of arthritis, where the surface of the ball is shaved off and replaced by a shell of steel (resurfacing). Dr. PapaRao Bezavada(M.S.Ortho) is doing best treatment for neck and shoulder pain at our hospital Bezavada Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries Clinic. We have done shoulder joint replacement surgery, Knee Replacement Surgery for many peoples who lives in vijayawada

Shoulder Pain Treatment Specialists in Vijayawada
  1. Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  2. Sub acromial decompression
  3. Long head of biceps - tenotomy and tenodesis
  4. Recurrent dislocation of shoulder - BANKART repair, REMPLISSAGE repair (Bi polar repair)
  5. LATARJET proccedure - Glenoid bone loss
  6. ARTHROSCOPIC ADHESIOLYSIS - frozen and stiff shoulders
  7. Osteotomies - deformed and malunited proximal humerus fracture
  8. Total and reverse shoulder replacement - degenerated joint